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5 Benefits of Building vs. Buying

Posted by Brandon Smith on Apr 20, 2018 2:07:00 PM


You’ve decided that your current living arrangement just won’t do anymore. Now what? While you could choose one of the homes for sale in your area, you should know that there’s another option available to you. By building your next home, you can and enjoy these five benefits (and more)!


1. Customization

One of the obvious draws of building your own home is the opportunity to design it to fit your personal needs. As you walk through the building process, you can determine the layout, style, and amenities that your new home will have. Working with a building company also means that all of the hard work will be done for you. Your finished product will be exactly what you need, and you won’t be stuck paying for features that aren’t important to you.


2. No Unknowns

Moving into an existing home means dealing with existing problems—some of which you may not even know about! While some issues may be detected during an inspection, others won’t reveal themselves until you’ve already settled into your “new” home.

Problems with roofing, plumbing, or wiring can quickly add up, and that’s not even taking into consideration shorter-lived components like appliances, HVAC units, or water heaters. A new home is just that: all new. When you select your building company, you’ll know exactly which features you’ll be getting in your new home. Buying new often means you won’t have to deal with major repairs or maintenance for several years, and even then, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect.


3. Safety

Over the course of time, building codes improve to ensure that homes are as safe as possible. Older homes may not comply with newer codes, which leaves you with two unattractive choices: pay to get your home up to code or ignore the updates, potentially putting your family at risk. By working with a construction company, you’ll be certain that your new home complies with the latest building code updates.


4. Energy Efficiency

Advances in window, insulation, and electrical technology can make newer homes much more energy efficient than older ones. While the charm of an existing house may appeal to you, high utility bills will not! Building a new home allows you to select the latest energy-efficient technology and save money every month on your water, gas, and electric bills.


5. Low Effort

It’s true that you could update an existing home with the customization, repairs, safety features, and energy-efficient components you want, but doing so will require much more effort on your part. Renovations require considerable investments of time and money, regardless of whether you contract the work or do it yourself. When you build a custom home, all of the work is done before you move in. You won’t have to deal with rooms that are works in progress or a home filled with strangers.


If you’re ready to begin your home-building project, contact Pro-Line Building Company to start the design and construction process. For more than 25 years, Pro-Line has been a trusted name among Des Moines-area home builders. Give us a call today!

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