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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Construction Company

Posted by Bobbii Dickey on Mar 24, 2018 10:33:00 AM


Choosing a construction company for your upcoming project is a big step. If you've never done it before, it can be overwhelming. Be sure to ask these seven questions before hiring a construction company to ensure your satisfaction. 


1. How much experience do you have with projects similar to mine?

Experience is a must when it comes to working with a construction company, but experience with the type of structure you intend to build is even more beneficial. A construction company may have lots of commercial experience, for example, but if they’ve never completed a residential project, you may not want them building your home. Conversely, if you need commercial steel buildings, a company that has only worked on homes is probably not the one for you.


2. Who will be working on my construction project?

A construction company is made up of lots of individuals and partner vendors. It's important to know ahead of time who will be assigned to your project so you can begin establishing a trusting relationship with your team. During your interview with the construction company, you should vet each potential candidate and voice any questions or concerns you may have. This is also a good time to begin establishing a communication plan.


3. How many projects are you currently working on?

To be certain that your project will receive the attention it deserves, get a full understanding of your construction company’s workload. Clearly outline your timeline and communication expectations. Doing this up front will save you frustration down the line. If you get on board with a construction company whose schedule is already much too full, you’ll be constantly vying for attention and communication, and your project may fall behind schedule.


4. What areas of the project am I expected to handle?

Your construction company should handle most of the construction project, but you will need to be involved in some decisions. Make sure that you know how much time you’ll need to set aside for your project, and communicate with your construction company about which decisions you want to be a part of so you have the opportunity to approve aspects of the project that are particularly important to you.


5. How does payment work?

It is imperative that you understand how payments will be handled and how financing with the construction company works. Monetary issues can slow or halt progress down the line, so make sure to have everything clearly outlined before the project begins.


6. When can my project be completed?

Your construction company should be able to give you a detailed timeline for your project. During the early stages, ask for a brief overview of the timeline, outlining when groundbreaking will begin and how often can you expect to receive updates on the project. If you have a completion deadline in mind, be sure to voice this early in the process. 


7. Why should I choose your company to complete my construction project?

During your interview process, feel free to ask candidates why you should choose their company. A construction company that possesses not only the skills your project needs but also the integrity and dependability you want will make your construction project simpler and less stressful. If you have a negative feeling about candidates during the interview process, you’ll likely feel the same way when working with them. Find a company that works well with your team. 


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