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Fall Home Maintenance to Prevent Winter Woes

Posted by Bill Maschmeier on Sep 20, 2018 2:01:00 PM


Autumn has arrived. The air is cooling, leaves are changing colors, and we can find almost anything in pumpkin spice. It also happens to be an ideal time to perform routine maintenance or repairs to your home. Once winter hits, minor damage can quickly turn into a costly disaster.

Common Concerns

As busy as we all are, it’s easy to overlook or put off doing some of the most basic routine home care, but this can be a costly mistake. Make sure these items are on your fall home maintenance checklist and that you address any problem areas as soon as possible—especially if your home is covered by a standard maintenance agreement.


Windows and Doors

Fall is a great time to add weather stripping or caulk around windows and repair or replace damaged window and door frames. Drafty windows and doorways can lead to high heating bills when the bitter cold hits. Don’t forget to check the overhead trim on the garage door and switch out summer screens for storm windows.


Roof and Attic

Check for any leaks and address them—even the minor ones—as soon as possible. Replace any shingles that have curled, buckled, or cracked so snow and ice can’t get through. Have your chimney and solar panels inspected for leaks or gaps, and make sure your ventilation system is clear of debris and pests. Seal any gaps that could allow critters to seek warmth in your attic this winter.



Clogged gutters can cause significant problems by allowing water to pool and damage roofing and siding. When gutters are neglected, wood rot and pet infestations can more easily set in. Make sure your gutters are draining properly, that all support brackets are secure, and that there are no leaks.


Hail and Storm Damage

Summer means storms, which often result in hail and other damage to your home. Fallen tree limbs may even cause minor damage to sidewalks. This is the perfect time to address minor problems while they are relatively easy fixes. Waiting can mean more extensive projects.


Winter is Coming

Early fall is a great time to prep for winter. A harsh winter followed by a dry summer causes normal expansion and contraction in homes, but it’s important to address any issues promptly to avoid more extensive damage over the coming winter.


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