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Garage Doors Are Game Changers

Posted by Bill Maschmeier on Mar 5, 2018 6:34:04 AM


Our garage door partner is WD Door. Located in Ankeny, Iowa, they provide our customers with a premier garage door selection. Our trusted partnership has spanned 15 years, and today, Jeff from WD Door is guest blogging to discuss the difference a garage door can make to the overall look of your building or home.



By incorporating our products, we’re able to dress up an otherwise kind of boring building. Anything we do on the residential side, we’re able to also do on the commercial side to give an element of excitement to a building.


Options & Consistency

If a customer has a farmstead and a pole building, they want everything to go together. We’re seeing a lot of people who want the colors on the post frame building (also known as pole building) to match the colors on the house, and we’re able to bring everything together through our wide range of garage door options. We can 100% match any color you need us to match. There really is no limit to what we’re able to do for the customer.


It’s All About The Customer

Our partnership with Pro-Line is unique in that we can work together and be flexible to what the customer prefers. Sometimes the customer only works with Pro-Line to discuss their garage door needs and then Pro-Line comes to us to find the right choice. Others prefer to select their garage door in person and work with us directly. Because of our relationship with the team at Pro-Line, it allows for us to be flexible to each individual customer to adjust our process to what works best for them.


WD + Pro-Line

My relationship with Pro-Line started by making a cold call and the rest is history. We’ve been partners ever since. It works because we can rely on each other. They know that if they call me with specifications for a project that they can expect a full quote from me within two hours. It’s important to the Pro-Line team that they are prompt and deliver to their customers. When a client has a need, they want to fill it and they want to be first. The only way they can do this is by partnering with trusted vendors who can do what they’re asked. That’s why our mutually beneficial partnership works for WD Door and Pro-Line. We know they’re going to come to us first, and they know we’re going to give it our all to deliver. The “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mentality is so important in these types of professional relationships working, and our relationship with Pro-Line has been nothing but this for 15 years. It all comes down to trust.


What You Get With Pro-Line

The Pro-Line team is very professional and straight forward. You know exactly what you’re going to get and when you’re going to get it—which, of course, is key in building construction. You are going to get a fair price and the highest quality. They’re easy to deal with and you’re guaranteed to get a nice finished product. They’re down to earth, hardworking people; they’re the heart of Iowa.


We’re proud to partner with Pro-Line on building projects and look forward to hopefully serving you one day! Contact Pro-Line today to get the building process started.

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