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5 Advantages to Building Your Own Custom Home

Posted by Bobbii Dickey on Jul 22, 2018 10:57:00 AM


In a recent article, we weighed the pros and cons of both buying an existing home and building your own. Today, we’re going to focus on the benefits of building. We know how exciting envisioning your own custom home can be. The building process can be even more exciting, and stepping into your own, custom-designed space can be a lifelong dream come true.


1. Energy Efficiency

A new home means new appliances, fixtures, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, and other key materials and systems that can either save or waste a lot of water, energy, and money. Shop wisely and do your research before purchasing so you know what equipment will help you save the most in the long run.


2. Cost Effectiveness

While building a new home may cost more initially, think about how much maintenance and repair older homes require. Some problems that arise in older homes can be major—such as having to replace an old roof or plumbing system or dealing with foundation issues. Even fixing smaller problems, like leaks, regularly can become time consuming and costly. If you build new, you won’t have these problems to worry about.


3. Creative Freedom

If you want your home to have three fireplaces, a full wet bar in the basement, a sound-proof music studio on the main floor, and a home theater, you can make it happen. Your options are unlimited. Make your home exactly what you want it to be. Just be sure to communicate clearly with your builder so your vision is well understood.


4. You’re the Boss

Choose a location, lot, community, and neighborhood you love. Decide on the perfect floorplan, square footage, number of bedrooms, colors, styles, and textures you want in each room of your home. Add as much or as little natural lighting, security, and technology as you want. Create a smart home, or maximize your privacy when you choose your layout and the orientation of your new structure. You’re the boss. Make your dream home happen.


5. You’re the First Owner

Knowing you’re the first owner can grant you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about what the previous owners left or the damage they did (and may not have mentioned upon selling). Your family will be the first to call the space home and make memories there for years, decades, or generations to come.


Ready to take the plunge and begin designing the home of your dreams? Pro-Line is ready to help. Connect with us by phone or online, and we can start discussing your vision and how we can help make it a reality.

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