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Stable Barn Building Development Guide

Posted by Dave Dewitt on Jun 2, 2022 12:26:42 PM



A well-designed stable barn can make taking care of your horses easier for you and provide a better environment for your animals. The health and safety of your horses and functionality of the space should be primary concerns when building a new barn or renovating your existing building. Other considerations include the style of the new structure, your budget, your construction partner, and much more. These details can become overwhelming. Use this article as a development guide to make the building process easier for you, whether you keep horses in a professional or personal capacity.


Planning Your Horse Barn

Once you’ve decided to either renovate an existing structure or build a new stable barn, it’s time to do some basic planning. Ask yourself some questions like these so you’ll be prepared to communicate your end goal to your building partner:

  • How many horses need to be housed in the new building?
  • What style best complements the other buildings on the property?
  • How big should the tack room be?
  • Where will the new stable barn be located on your property?
  • Do you want a personal workshop or office attached to the barn?
  • How much storage space do you need, and what do you plan to store in the new structure?
  • Do you want this new stable barn to simply be a home for your horses, or if you want it to also serve as feed, tack, and equipment storage?
  • Do you want to include a wash rack and indoor riding arena under the same roof?

You don’t need to plan the entire facility all on your own, especially if you don’t have construction experience. These initial questions will help you communicate your vision to your chosen building partner.


Choosing a Building Partner

While some simple renovations to an existing barn may be a good do-it-yourself project, constructing a new stable barn is best left to the professionals. Choosing the right construction company is crucial. Do you want a company that simply receives your plans, builds the basic structure, and says goodbye, or do you want a company that will help and guide you every step of the way from beginning to end? The former may be a good option if you have extensive experience in constructing stable barns, but if your expertise stops at the animals housed in the building, the latter is probably the best option for you.


For example, Pro-Line’s experienced builders will take care of issues like mapping the area and determining zoning regulations, building codes, and other local requirements that may affect the development of your new barn. Before meeting with Pro-Line professionals, a tentative budget and rough idea of what you want included in your new stable barn are all you’ll need to know.


In addition to identifying applicable zoning and building regulations, Pro-Line will help you select details like building materials, the best location for the new structure on your property, its layout, roof style, stall size, and even which doors and windows are best for your custom structure.


Partnering with a construction company that has equine building experience will help ensure nothing slips through the cracks during the construction process. It will also save you from explaining the intricacies of equine care to a worker who doesn’t understand a word you’re saying. Pro-Line has a proven history of constructing top-quality equine buildings. Our professionals are experts at designing and building stable barns, riding arenas, and storage facilities. We’ll design and construct the perfect stable barn that keeps your horses safe, healthy, and comfortable and your supplies secure and dry.


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