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Advantages to Building Living Quarters With Your Shop

Posted by Bill Maschmeier on Jun 10, 2021 12:00:00 PM



In recent years, a distinctive style of home has been trending in the custom home industry: the “shouse.” A shouse is a post-frame house and a workshop combined into one cohesive structure. This is a convenient way to build a new home and shop that you can utilize efficiently.


The shouse is all about functional space, high ceilings, and open design. A shouse gives you the best of both worlds—a dedicated workspace and a comfy living space—all in the same building. You don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics when building a shouse. The design can flow smoothly from your living space to your workshop, and you can customize the floor plan to fit your needs and style. The inside and outside of your shouse can be just as beautiful, if not more so, than a traditional residence.


If you’re planning to build your own custom home, consider these advantages of a shouse:


No More Commute 

Say goodbye to that morning drive! Everyone can use more minutes in the day, and a shouse is a great way to spend less time in your vehicle. With your workshop and home in the same structure, you can skip the commute—and scraping your windows during the long, cold Midwest winters!


Cost-Efficient Way to Build 

Combining your workshop and your home enables you to reduce building costs. Instead of designing, engineering, and constructing two separate buildings, the processes are rolled into one. A shouse can also be more energy efficient than a traditional home. Post-frame construction creates larger cavities in the walls, allowing for more insulation to reduce heat transfer.


Ideal Storage Space 

A shouse can give you all the space you need to store and maintain your tools, vehicles, and toys. Unlike a residential garage, the shop portion of a shouse can provide enough room to leave your equipment set up and keep it right where you need it. Because your shouse would be custom designed, there is plenty of opportunity to ensure your home has the storage it needs, too.


Is a Shouse Right for You? 

There are a lot of things to consider when building a custom home. How do you know if a shouse is right for you? Consider your lifestyle, your belongings, your budget, and your ideal floor plan. If you want lots of storage space, an energy-efficient home, an easy commute to your shop, and an open concept design, a shouse could be the perfect solution.


A construction professional, like those at Pro-Line Building Company, can help you navigate building your custom home and decide if a shouse is right for you. Subscribe to our blog to learn more about the residential building process and how Pro-Line can help you build your dream shouse.


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