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How to Use a Pole Building for Any Purpose

Posted by Bobbii Dickey on Mar 2, 2022 1:25:02 PM

Post-frame construction has grown in popularity over the past few years. Post-frame structures, also known as pole buildings, do not require a foundation. Pole buildings have several benefits, but among the more attractive is their versatility and simplicity.


You can customize a pole building in endless ways, choosing elements such as insulation, layout, and windows and doors to suit your purpose. It is not an exaggeration to say that post-frame construction can be used for just about anything. After the framework is in place, the building can be finished however you would like: a basic space like a barn or shed, an office building or flex space, or even a high-end custom home.


Perfect for Any Use


Agriculture and Commercial

Pole buildings have typically been constructed on farms as outbuildings for a variety of uses, such as utility buildings, machine sheds, workshops, equipment storage, livestock barns, and more. Their durable and energy-efficient nature allows farmers to prioritize functionality while keeping costs down.


Post-frame construction can also be ideal for commercial and industrial uses, including for restaurants and office spaces. Because they require fewer materials and less time than a traditional build, pole buildings can be constructed rather quickly without sacrificing durability, both of which attractive features for business owners. Also, since post-frame construction does not require a foundation, you can leave a lighter footprint on the environment and save even more on cost.


She Sheds and Man Caves

Rural farmers and business owners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from pole buildings. The average homeowner can also use this versatile construction in creative ways. If you and your spouse have different hobbies or interests, post-frame construction is a convenient way to build a functional space for the both of you.


Many types of hobby spaces, like garages or even home theaters, need extra square footage that post-frame buildings can easily provide. Perhaps your spouse needs somewhere to relax away from the family, a separate space to dedicate to a hobby or business, or a cozy place to host friends. Maybe you use your spare bedroom for your woodworking hobby, which is not ideal for either of you. As a solution, you could build a “man cave” or “she-shed” space for each of you using post-frame construction! This way, you can both have the perfect space to relax or work in peace.


Custom Homes

Do you want to build your own beautiful custom home? You can get away from that “cookie-cutter” feel that many modern homes can have by choosing post-frame construction to build a home and workspace all in one. This type of home, commonly called a “shouse,” has several advantages:


  • The flows smoothly from the living space into the work space without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Post-frame construction reduces building costs.
  • The design while provides ample storage space.
  • Post-frame construction provides more design flexibility than a traditional home construction


Finding a Contractor

No matter how you plan to use your pole building, you need a trusted construction partner to help your dream become a reality. The company you choose will be your guide throughout the construction process, ensuring everything runs smoothly to make your vision a reality. Choosing a capable and reliable builder to help you each step of the way can be difficult. You can make it easier on yourself and the construction company by having a clear vision for your pole building and then find a company with a proven track record that specializes in that project type.


At Pro-Line, we work directly with our clients to ensure the finished project fits their vision. If you want more information or advice on pole buildings, subscribe to our blog today!


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